What is Blackjack Strategy Game

What is Blackjack Strategy Game

In a blackjack strategy game, the aim is to get as close to 21 points as possible. This can of course depend on pure luck, but luck can give you a helping hand. With the Blackjack strategies below you will in any case keep a much better game overview and you will also increase the chance of a successful outcome. When you start playing blackjack online, you can try these techniques for you.


Blackjack Strategy Game

Here are some blackjack strategy game you must know

1. Pass or Pull

The general blackjack strategy game revolves around whether you draw a new card or whether you stand. The two cards dealt to you as starting cards don’t always have to turn out badly, but you should be able to measure them against the dealer’s face-up card. 

If you do get the idea that the dealer might be closer to 21 than you are, then it is wise to draw an extra card. However, if you have a fairly high hand, you’d better pass so as not to go over 21 and bust. At the bottom of this page you can find a schedule in which you can see exactly when you should or should not draw a card.

2. Divide

If you are dealt two exactly the same cards, you can choose to split them. You will have to bet a second time and from that moment on you will play with two hands. In the next round, you get a new card for each hand. This technique is highly recommended, for example, you receive two aces on your first round, the total will then come to 22 or 12.

It depending on your count and is therefore not suitable for getting close to 21. However, if your cards are two fives, then it is not advisable to split – with a third card you can get close to 21. Likewise when you have received double 10. On the right you see an example where it is better NOT to split. With two jacks you are lucky, because you are very close to 21.

3. Ensure Blackjack Strategy Game

Insuring for blackjack means that you cover yourself against a possible blackjack from the dealer. If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you can choose this. When the dealer then plays blackjack, you get a small compensation and you do not lose your total bet. However, we advise you never to insure yourself, in the long term this is not a good way to play.

4. Report on Blackjack Strategy Game

Blackjack strategy game only possible at some casinos and certain blackjack tables. If your first cards are really bad, you can choose to give up. After the first cards have been dealt, you indicate that you want to stop. You will then get half of your bet back. 

Only do this if you suspect the dealer has a better hand. For example, if you have a total of 15 and you see that the dealer’s up card is a 10, this can be wise, for example, as his chance is higher to make a good hand.

5. Double

When the first two cards have been seen, you can choose to double for the next deal. This means that you increase the original bet. It is wise never to do this when you can bust. Even if the number is too low, it is not wise to double. 

When you have 11, this is an interesting option, also on 10 and 9 it can be interesting, this also depends on what the dealer has. For example, if the dealer has cards between 3 and 6 when you have a 9, then the dealer has less chance of a nice hand and you can double your bet with a good chance of more profit.

Blackjack Strategy Game

Do you want to know exactly when to take a card and when it is better to pass? When to double and when to split, you should follow the blackjack strategy game. This is statistically the optimal way to play Blackjack. In this diagram you will encounter the terms hard and soft. Soft means when you add an ace and you can choose whether the ace counts for 1 or 11.

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