Things to Do in Amazing Los Angeles

Things to Do in Amazing Los Angeles

Amazing Los Angeles – You must often watch action films that are very thrilling, of course the picture of the film is an incredibly cool thing. Many actors were involved in the making of the film, but do you know how amazing the location of the filming is.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

There are two places that are often visited by local and world tourists in the American state, namely Los Angeles. these two places are often be the best honeymoon destinations recommended by many people in the world.

 In addition to having fun, this tourist spot also has a long history and is very famous for its very special entertainment facilities. Here are tourist attractions in Los Angeles that you can visit with your beloved for your honeymoon.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Things to Do in Amazing Los Angeles

For tourists who want to make a visit to California, especially in Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood should not be missed. A myriad of famous Hollywood films have made this amusement park area their place to shoot, such as the successful Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, and many others. The contents of this tourist attraction are not just a game arena, but tourists can happily take a tour of the existing studios which are usually used for filming films.

For the entrance ticket, it’s USD 95, but if you don’t want to queue for a long time and can immediately enter to enjoy the studio tour, tourists are expected to pay more, which is around USD 150+. In addition to the studio tour, The Blues Brothers, Universal’s Animal Actors, WaterWorld, Jurassic Park-The Ride, Shrek 4D, Revenge of the Mummy-The Ride, The Simpsons Ride, King Kong 360-3D, Transformers-The Ride3D, The NBCUniversal Experience , and the Special Effects Stage is also entertainment that can be enjoyed with a partner or family while there.

  • Hollywood Sign – This cultural icon has become one of the many tourist attractions in Los Angeles that seems a must-visit because this landmark has always been a tourist attraction for taking pictures. It feels like going to Los Angeles and haven’t found the Hollywood Hills, especially in Mount Lee where the Hollywood Sign is not done yet. However, you don’t have to go far to get a picture with the words “Hollywood” because you can travel to the top to capture even more extraordinary views.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Things to Do in Amazing Los Angeles

This concert venue, which was built by Frank Gehry, is truly magnificent and beautiful from the outside and inside. The scenery around the concert venue area is also very impressive so that visitors will not regret even if they cannot enter it because this building has the beauty and luxury contained in it.

To see this building, visitors will not be charged anything, but if you do not attend the concert, then the place used for concerts and performances will not be able to see. If you are still lacking the two places mentioned above, don’t worry, because in Los Angeles there are still many interesting places that you can visit. And of course the happiness you dream of on a honeymoon trip will be remembered for the rest of your life. That’s the review of things to do in Amazing Los Angeles that I can convey, hopefully it can be your reference for traveling. / Aha