Football During The Pandemic That Lingers

Football During The Pandemic That Lingers

Football during the pandemic that lingers – The corona virus pandemic has indeed become a new disaster at the end of 2019 to date. The existence of this virus turns out to have a big enough impact on the world, including the world of sports. The existence of this corona virus turns out to have a big influence on football, you know.

Football during the pandemic at the beginning of its appearance was one of the things that was avoided. All activities and competitions are then canceled and stopped. For several months throughout 2020, all football activities were not held. This is the effect of the corona virus which attacks all layers of the world.

The absence of football during this pandemic also shows that the world must guard against the threat of the virus. This is as reported by the agen slot online which provides an explanation that many soccer matches have been postponed during the corona or covid 19 pandemic.

This aims to reduce the wider spread of the virus. The existence of this virus is indeed a scourge around the world with many victims. Thus, various aspects of sports including football will be temporarily eliminated in the 2020 season.

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A Football Game in a Pandemic Time

After almost 1 year there were no matches held because of the COVID-19 pandemic, several matches were held again. The match that is being held certainly has new rules in its implementation.

The online slot agent on the same site explained that the rules of football during the pandemic will still get some changes. This change will certainly also have a big impact on its execution.

Football during the pandemic that has already taken place in 2021 shows how football is then played with more stringent rules. One of them is the audience. There are restrictions on football spectators in the restricted stands.

If previously the audience capacity could reach tens of thousands, this time the maximum number that can be filled is 3000 people. There are also a number of other rules that are stipulated under certain conditions.

In addition, various rules such as health screening and swab tests are also imposed on players before the match starts to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Football during this pandemic shows that sport is also having a serious impact. / Dy

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