Empire Fortune Slot

Empire Fortune Slot Review: 4 Important Things Before You Play

Empire Fortune slot is the new jackpot slot from Yggdrasil, with a chance of many millions. You probably already know that you can win huge jackpots in online casinos.

Game maker Netent paid out no less than $78 million in jackpots in 2017. Last year, the well-known game Mega Moolah from competitor Microgaming won twelve top prizes of one million dollars or more.

Recently there has been a new slot from a lesser-known game developer on which you also have a chance to win a million-dollar jackpot: Empire Fortune by Yggdrasil.

On Empire Fortune you play for the jackpot that can also fall on the somewhat older slot Joker Millions, also from Yggdrasil. At the moment, this jackpot is more than $1.2 million.

Is the Empire Fortune slot worth playing on? We are subjected to a thorough test.

Empire Fortune Slot Review

1. How Does The Empire Fortune Work?

Empire Fortune is a beautiful slot machine, with a sultry soundtrack that in the distance may remind you of music from the Efteling. 

There are 5 reels and 20 paylines, all of which you play by default. The minimum bet is $0.20 per spin. The highest bet is $100.

The symbols consist of sparkling jewels, complemented by spades, hearts, diamonds and clover. 

Moreover, there are also jokers on the reels. But beware: the jokers do not count as a wild symbol. So what do these symbols do? They give you free spins.

  • 3 jokers = 10 free spins, multiplier x2
  • 4 jokers = 20 free spins, multiplier x4
  • 5 jokers = 30 free spins, multiplier x10

Finally, each roll features a chic Fabergé egg. If you spin at least three Fabergé eggs anywhere on the reels, the bonus round will start.

You will see three ‘jackpot wheels’ stacked on top of each other like a wedding cake. With three eggs you start with a spin on the bottom wheel. With four eggs you get a spin on the middle wheel and if you spin five Fabergés, you can immediately start on the top wheel.

On the wheels are amounts, which are good for cash prizes. You can also spin a number of free spins or a fire arrow. A rocket is good for 3, 6 or even 12 different prices that are randomly chosen from all prices of the wedding cake.

If you are very lucky, you will win one of the three jackpots (more on that below). Exciting? Very exciting!.

Extra fun: if you spin two jokers or two Fabergé eggs on the reels, they will stay on the next spin. Yggdrasil calls it the hold feature. This gives you an even greater chance of winning free spins or the exciting jackpot game.

2. Empire Fortune Jackpot

Empire Fortune has three jackpots.

The Mini Jackpot and Medium Jackpot are local jackpots, the amount of these prizes varies per online casino. The big Ultra Jackpot is the same in all online casinos.

  • Of all bets, 0.9% goes to the Mini Jackpot. On average, this jackpot falls to $2091
  • 0.9% of all bets go to the Medium Jackpot. On average, this jackpot falls to $15,727
  • 5.5% of all bets go to the Ultra Jackpot. On average, this jackpot falls to $3,000,000

3. The 1000 Spins of Empire Fortune

We play 1000 spins on Empire Fortune for this slot review, with a bet of $0.20 per spin.

The first 200 spins go very smoothly. Prices regularly fall between $1 and $2. Of course, we do not play for that, but it does keep you in the race in terms of budget.

After 55 spins, 3 Fabergé eggs will already appear. So: play every three jackpots. Unfortunately they don’t fall. We have to settle for $2.50.

After a few more meager bonus rounds ($0.80 and $0.40!) the wheel stops on fire. That means six prizes. Unfortunately, there is no jackpot, but a total win of $12.50 is still nice.

After that, the balance of us, unfortunately goes down quickly. Only once do the free spins come along and they only yield $0.54. After 900 spins there is a loss on the screen of almost $60.

But then… just before the end, the jackpot round comes again. This time the wheel of fortune turns for $26.20 in prizes. Not a jackpot, but not bad either!. At the very end of the 1000 exciting spins, we are at a loss of $42.71.

4. The Payout Percentage of Empire Fortune

To be clear: the theoretical payout percentage (also called RTP or return to player) of the Empire Fortune slot is 94.3%. 

That means that in the very long term, measured over millions of spins, this slot machine will eventually pay out 94.3 cents of every dollar wagered as prizes.

If you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage can be much higher or much lower than that 94.3% – a matter of luck or bad luck.

We had less than average luck in the 1000 spins. We played for this slot review, as the test session ended with a bigger loss. That says nothing about your chances of winning at dominoqq Empire Fortune.

In the end, Empire Fortune slot is a modern, neat and exciting game on which you also have a chance to win a million prize.

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