Detroit Become Human review

Detroit Become Human Review: Battle for Detroit Kara

Starting from a playful project to show what kind of visual quality standard they wanted to pursue to the next generation of consoles at that time, the KARA Engine Quantic Dream demo project ended up becoming a full-fledged game that is finally available on the market today. That’s right, we’re talking Detroit: Become Human. And today, we’re gonna give you a brief review of Detroit Become Human. In this Detroit Become Human review, at least, you, the reader, will get much insight about this one of the game has the best graphic on PS4.

Taking a futuristic setting that remains rooted in scenarios that are still possible rationally, this game carries a game system that seems very familiar to those of you who had tasted the Quantic Dream game in the past.

So, does the game offer so many pros and does not have cons at all? You will know after reading Detroit Become Human review below.

Detroit Become Human Review: The Pros

Detroit Become Human comes with some pros. And you need to know what the game’s pros are before playing the game.

Epic Plot/ Storyline

Detroit Become Human Review

This game offers a more storyline to us, the players. The story tells about three main characters of the game in which these characters are Kara (an Android robot roled as the housemaid), Markus (an Android robot like Kara), and Connor (a new prototype of Android CyiberLife who has a role as the detective for identifying the Deviant).  All characters have human-like characteristics. And the game’s plot is taken from each character’s point of view. 

A Great Idea of The World of Detroit, The Consequence of Tech

One of the best things from this game is the idea or concept of Detroit that is created as the consequence of technology. The game portrays its own world based on the main theme that it is carrying.

The presence of technology presented by Androids that resemble humans and are more superior in almost all aspects. It does not necessarily mean that the world has to fall into a positive and negative pole. The consequences do not always lead to fantastic rapid progress where all humans prosper or the opposite is true, an occupation where humans fall into the animal class trying to fight from annihilation in the style of a cliché Terminator. The problem Detroit: Become Human is both a scenario and a realistic social problem. This ability and courage to portray social consequences rationally is what in our eyes is one of Detroit’s main strengths: become human. This is  the main issue that is highlighted in Detroit Become Human review. 

Aspect of Adorable Game’s Technique

Supported by a dazzling technical aspect, it looks and feels even more realistic. The KARA Engine which is used as the base shows its sharpness here, especially with the mo-cap process which also asks the actors / actresses to not only play them, but also fill each dialogue with almost perfect intonation and intensity.

Perfect Visualization

Detroit Become Human Review

From the visualization aspect, it’s so perfect. Implementing other visual qualities, such as realistic light to rich textures for clothes, or simply cool weather effects, make the experience even more fantastic, said the game reviewers in Detroit Become Human review. 

Unique Music

When it comes to music, Quantic Dream even hires three different composers to work on each other’s music for Mark, Connor, and Kara. The results were, of course, amazing. Not only do these three characters have different stories, but they are also covered with a unique atmosphere and sound. This is one of the best point pluses of the game. A lot of game reviewers really appreciate this issue, based on Detroit Become Human review. 

Moral Value In The Game

What is interesting in our eyes is that it is rooted in the “dark” theme of the world that he intends to present here. It is a consequence of technology on a rational social and economic side, so that it feels a little grounded in realism itself. The result? There is a world that is creepy, awesome, but still believable at the same time. At least this is a serious issue discussed in Detroit Become Human review.

Quantic Dream’s Typical Gameplay

Detroit Become Human review also analyses the developer’s typical gameplay. The Gameplay of the game will focus on the accuracy of your QTE. This sort of QTE is the foundation of real gameplay. To interact with the environment, whether through the exploration process or entering the cinematic scene that continues to run, you will still be presented with QTE. 

You have to press one specific button that is visible on the screen, from moving the analog in a certain direction, pressing a specific button, shaking the DualShock 4 according to the instructions, to holding various buttons together to do it.

For some scenes that feel mechanically heavy, these instructions are quite representative of the difficulties your digital character has encountered. The accuracy and sensation of pressing this button is sufficient to reflect the difficulty to operate QTE.

On the other hand, the QTE concept that is considered “simple” for seasoned gamers like us will make this game more friendly for newcomers who only need to follow the instructions on the screen.

In Detroit Become Human review, we know that the three characters that you find, only Connor can be said to have a more specific gameplay element. The fact that he is a law enforcer Android makes his gameplay a little different. He is a character who will often face the investigation and interrogation process. The investigative process will ask you to collect the various clues available at the crime scene, find existing relationships, trigger the digital reconstruction process, and look for whatever is needed.

Attractive Feature: Feature of Relationship

If it has to speak, one specific feature addition that makes Detroit: Become Human more enchanting compared to other Quantic Dream games is a feature called Relationships. Now your actions are no longer just offering different outcomes and story lines, but can also affect your relationship with the characters involved.

If they like your choice, the relationship will be warmer and stronger. If your choices go against what they want, they will cool off and drift away. Based on Detroit Become Human review, the feature of relationship is very interesting because it looks like a tester of relationship between the player and the main character in the game.

Amazing Flowchart

Quantic Dream offers a new feature called Flowchart. With this feature, you can check what options are actually available in a scenario, whether you are part of Connor, Kara, or Mark itself.

One thing that deserves a thumbs up from this complex Detroit branch: Become Human? It is a guarantee of quality that the choices you make and whatever consequences you face will be presented with the quality they deserve.

You won’t find a situation where one choice turns out to be supported by better animation and voice acts, while other options seem hasty and half-hearted. This is just an example we often discuss with other players through a Detroit Become Human review. 

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Detroit Become Human Review: The Cons

Detroit Become Human review

Predictable Story

Based on the Detroit Become Human review, many players are disappointed in certain aspects. One of them is the story. Overall, the story is cool because it emphasizes a modern era where Androids are used as human assistants. However, ninety percent from a hundred percent of players agree that the idea of the story is very predictable. Of course, this can make this game a little bit boring if we play for tenth hours. Automatically it can affect our performance. 

One Dimensional Characters

After criticizing the idea of the game’s story, according to Detroit Become Human review. The players also send their thoughts about the type of character visualization. They say that Detroit: Become Human is a game with one-dimensional characters. 

The Game is Artless

About the arc. The players of Detroit: Become Human send their comment that the other arcs are so slow. Others also say that the game is artless. There is no sense of humour and unsubtle.  

The three main characters act less, add the players who have ever played this game. Seen from the visualisation of the game’s setting of place, the world-building is inconsistent. The uncanny valley and pacing presentation becoming hot issues in this game. 

To know the actual quality of the game. You need to start enriching your insight about this game before playing it. One of the best ways to master the game. And to know the pros and the cons of the game is by reading Detroit Become Human review. The section of game review helps you to know better about this game. Detroit Become Human review contains the detailed information of both the pros and the cons of Detroit: Become Human. 

Game Details:

DeveloperQuantic Dream
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
ReleasedMay 25, 2018
Official Site

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