5 Best Guitar Hero Games for Android

5 Best Guitar Hero Games for Android

5 Best Guitar Hero Games for Android – If you are used to playing Guitar Hero, you will definitely miss the PlayStation or PC version. Now to play Guitar Hero you can try it via an Android-based smartphone. Even though it is played via a smartphone, the Guitar Hero android game displays the best quality.

Guitar hero games can be said to be difficult and easy. You are required to guess the guitar chord so that it goes right with the screen display. You can choose different levels according to skills. In addition, when playing requires extra concentration so you don’t let your guard down and lose in the middle of the road.

5 Best Guitar Hero Games for Android

Playing 5 Guitar Hero games for android below brings a different sensation. There are also those that can be played using online and offline modes. Check out the full explanation.

5 Best Guitar Hero Games for Android

1. Rock Life – The Guitar Legend

Rock Life – The Guitar Legend is a game that carries a guitar theme released by game developer zeeppo Ltda. This one game gives you a variety of instrument sound tones, and the best guitar variations.

Rock Life Guitar game mode is unlike any other game. The reason is that it can be played more freely online and invite friends from all over the country. The advantage that makes this game interesting is that you can choose a guitar collection according to your taste.

If you are bored with the existing guitar collection, try upgrading it. You will not feel bored because this game is equipped with a career mode. As a result, you can do shows from small town to country in the world.

2. Rock Hero

Rock Hero is the same guitar game as Guitar Hero on the PlayStation console. When trying the game, you have to follow the rhythm of the music by tapping the notes that run on the note board. You can also use combos so that the score you get is many times over.

There are 3 different levels that are useful to hone players’ abilities. When you see the graphical display of Rock Hero, it doesn’t disappoint. In addition, you don’t need an internet or offline connection to try it.

3. Guitar Flash

The Guitar Flash game is one of the best Guitar Hero games for android. Where while playing you have to download songs from the browser manually. The song collection can be accessed from the song info menu in Guitar Flash.

If you have successfully downloaded the song, then move the file into the Guitar Flash folder. These folders are called “Songs”. The advantage of Guitar Flash is that the sound effects sound very real. When the player can’t touch the guitar chord, the guitar sound doesn’t come out.

4. Guitar Legend

The Guitar Legend game will take you on a tour of various stages in different countries. The appearance and settings given are the same as the PlayStation version of the game. In addition, there are also effects and stunning graphics that will spoil the eyes of the players.

You can choose the difficulty level you like, for example the easiest to the hardest level. Guitar Legend level is divided into 4 levels. Regarding the variety of songs to play quite a lot. In fact, you can change songs at any time.

5. Music Hero

This one game features quality standard gameplay. In fact, the Music Hero game has been downloaded up to 50 million times through the Play Store app. The game developer himself, Words Mobile, thinks that this game design is perfect.

Online games from official and trusted sites can also be recommendations, ranging from visualization, effects, animation, to very interesting lighting. Besides that, you can add a collection of games from https://goavitae.com/ as an alternative to other options. / Dy

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